Thursday, February 10, 2011

Writing and Coloring Tools


Lightweight powder that can be spread with a brush, sponge applicator, cotton ball, or fingertip to add a hint of color and depth.

Leafing Pen

Metallic, chisel-point markers that add fine detail to any surface -- paper, cloth, plastic, glass, wood, leather, and metal. The pens are ideal for decorative edging, calligraphy, and illustrative work. Pens come in gold, silver, and copper finishes and are acid-free.


Designed to soften lines and images drawn with markers and colored pencils. Blenders feature a colorless ink that also can be used with markers to create a color wash or with pigment powders to serve as a sealer.

Gel Pens

Roller-ball pens filled with permanent, archival gel ink. In a multitude of colors, they also are available in glitter and fluorescent varieties.


Available in scrapbook-safe varieties. Acrylic, spray, and watercolor paint can be used to create backgrounds, add color to accents, or tint images and color transparencies. (Apply acrylic and watercolor paints with a foam brush, an artist's brush, rubber or foam stamps, or fingertips. Use spray paint in a well-ventilated area to avoid fume inhalation.)

Color Pencils

Available in hundreds of colors, pencils are ideal for shading and adding highlights to hand-drawn lettering and other accents.

Felt-tip Markers

You'll find several tip styles from very fine to thick. Use markers for basic lettering, captions, illustrations, borders, and line art.

Slick Surface Pens

Capable of writing on photos, slick papers, vellum, and transparencies, these pens come in a variety of colors and tip weights.